Monday, August 24, 2009


SELF DEFENSE VIDEO with lucha legend DR MADRIZA...(he's actually my roommate) see if you can spot the chupacabras's dink in the video :). This is my term 2 project at Vancouver film school.

Defensa personal con la leyenda de la lucha EL DOCTOR MADRIZA (en realidad es mi amigo moncho) a ver si cachan el pitillo del chupacabras en el vídeo. Proyecto de fin del segundo term en Vancouver Film School.

robotsoda dr madriza 001
robotsoda dr madriza 003
robotsoda dr madriza 004
robotsoda dr madriza 005
robotsoda dr madriza 006
robotsoda dr madriza 007
robotsoda dr madriza 008
robotsoda dr madriza 010

Sunday, August 23, 2009

/// T+HIT 9000 ///

All after effects, no 3d was harmed in the making of this short. Stu came up with this crazy expression using markers, chris put the whole thing together, we all did some marker madness and I stole their wallets while they weren't looking ......also did the doodles.
robotsoda t+hit 9000 000
robotsoda t+hit 9000 001
robotsoda t+hit 9000 003
robotsoda t+hit 9000 002